I’m Garland McWatters.

I’ve made a fortune in things money cannot buy.

I’ve been blessed with a charmed life filed with love, challenge, and a fair amount of serendipity.

I’ve learned to live INPowered. I was endowed with permission at birth to live with heart and soul, and my favorite questions became, “what if and why not?”

My greatest joy is being with the people I love.

My greatest satisfaction is seeing the light of possibilities come on in the eyes of those who attend my classes or read my stories of Living INPowered.

If you want more background, click here.

Otherwise, I hope you wake up every day, as I do, to Live INPowered.

INCourage the spirit,
INLiven the heart,
INLighten the mind, and to
INLarge the expectations of living in yourself and in others.