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A new genre of personal-develoment novels.

An on-going Workplace Story of an INPowering Life

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Change often causes conflict. Marcus faces gut-wrenching issues that test his ability to make INPowering choices.

See if you agree with how Marcus handled a new moment of truth in this conflict-laden story and whether he was able to find the possibilities within the conflict.

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Dive into this engaging personal development series today.

Follow the life of Marcus Winn, a recently promoted 28 year-old supervisor, as he learns to live and lead. Marcus discovers how to Live INPowered personally and professionally in these engaging episodes you can relate to.

Follow along and see where you might fit in this workplace story of an INPowering life.

Live INPowered every day, at home, at work, and in your community.

You will find INPowering insights into everyday living in everything I write. Books, podcasts, and inspiring quotes with both a visual and audio presentation. Enjoy them all. Share them often.
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