I’m Garland McWatters

I’ve made a fortune in things money cannot buy.

I’ve learned to live INPowered. I was endowed with permission at birth to live with heart and soul, and my favorite questions became, “what if and why not?”

I’ve been blessed with a charmed life filled with love, challenge, and a fair amount of serendipity.

My greatest joy is being with the people I love.

My greatest satisfaction is seeing the light of possibilities come on in the eyes of those who attend my classes or read my stories of Living INPowered.

I hope you wake up every day, as I do, to Live INPowered.

INLiven the heart,
INLighten the mind,
INCourage the spirit, and
INLarge the expectations of living in yourself and in others.


Garland McWattetrs storyteller, author, teacher

I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of leading

The leadership bug bit early in life and kept biting:
  • Jr. High-Sr. High: student council
  • College: residence hall council, student senate
  • President, Chickasha, OK Jaycees
  • News Director, KOSU-FM, Oklahoma Public Radio
  • President and board member, Oklahoma School Public Relations Association
  • President and board member, Central Oklahoma Association for Talent Development (formerly American Society for Training and Development)
  • President, Oklahoma Territory Tellers
  • Deacon, multiple congregations of my church
  • Board of Trustees, Unity Center, Tulsa, OK
  • County chair of my political party
  • Party nominee, U.S. House of Representatives OK-5th District (2000)
  • Change advocate and influencer throughout my professional career