About the series

A workplace story of an INPowering life

MARCUS WINN is a fictional millennial generation supervisor who must navigate through a corporate workplace transitioning between competing world views and expectations. As the workplace changes, he must change with it. Marcus learns that sometimes change happens because of our creative involvement.

His experience unfolds through a series of brief, easy to read episodes. Each episode highlights specific management and leadership issues told in context of Marcus’s on-going personal life events.

Life flows.

Marcus learns that life is not neatly compartmentalized. Work and personal life are integrated into a larger whole. No matter where you go, there you are, and you face each day and each situation with all your life circumstances all the time. As Marcus discovers, leading and managing are a lifestyle, not a job delineated by bullet-point duties. Therefore, his narrative of growing into an INPowering way of living weaves leadership principles into the fabric of experience. Marcus’s lessons come from his environment — not from a menu of how-tos, but from a myriad of what-ifs brimming with possibilities.

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Garland McWatters, Leadership trainer Oklahoma, conflict, opportunity, overcoming adversity, conflict management, conflict resolution, ethics, morality

episode 5


I’m busy developing and writing more episodes. Follow Marcus Winn’s life. Meet the people who help him grow into an INPowering individual and leader.

Episode 5, The Gift of Conflict,  is available now.

Future episode themes include
  • Making the right call: high quality decisions