a Life to Choose

Marcus Winn is on the verge of realizing his business dreams, but his one enduring life goal continues to elude him—a fulfilling family life of his own. His son Jesse’s second birthday is six months away, and the full dream of fatherhood Marcus wants so desperately is fading due to the unexplained resentments of Desiree, Jesse’s mother, toward him. Marcus searches for answers as he reflects on the decisions and choices that brought him to his current crossroads.

All is complicated by the myriad decisions and choices he must face. Whether he should confess to Jeannie Irwin his deep love for her and risk losing her forever. If he should give in to the advances from three alluring women who have each expressed her own romantic interests. In which direction he should lead his company in the face of disappointing test results of his wind technology prototype. Whether he should continue to accept the generosity from Nelson, his benefactor, and Lizzy, his insistent daughter, for fear of the strings that might be attached.

Through Marcus’s struggles and the experiences of those who are part of his life story, we see how the daily decisions and choices they make play out in their larger life narratives. Perhaps we can learn from their struggles how to improve our chances of making better choices and live the life we choose.


Learn practical insights into making INPowering decisions and choices you can live with.

Listen to Chapter 1 – “A quick turnaround”

read by Garland McWatters