Living Change

Marcus Winn confronts the inevitable and unrelenting issues of living change daily in both his personal and professional life–ready or not. Change is always personal, and everyone reacts differently. Change never asks permission or apologizes.

For Marcus, during a five-month span, change brings unexpected turns and side trips, all stemming from his original desire to save his job. He never expected his new way to lead to become the theme of a corporate-wide change initiative with him as its public face. How will he handle his expanded role and help his project team keep their momentum?

Marcus copes with the good, the bad, and the ugly of change. Both admiration and animosity from his team. A confidential meeting with a U.S. Congressman about changing energy policy. A lesson on persuasion from a political newcomer. Conflicted feelings about an admiring work associate. Mixed messages from an infatuated teenager. An unexpected affinity toward a work rival. And the seductive advances of a former beauty pageant finalist.

Whether the change is evolutionary or revolutionary, it has the potential for being transformational. How will Marcus respond in real time: resist, cope, give up, or learn?

Use the discussion questions at the end of the story for self-study, group discussion, and book clubs.


Discover the power of change to transform your life

Listen to Chapter 1 – “Dizzying Heights”

read by Garland McWatters