Confronting Your Moment of Truth

Marcus Winn is a recently promoted supervisor of his engineering lab. At twenty-eight he thinks he is in control of his destiny. One Friday morning his supervisor calls him in and tells him his performance as a supervisor is disappointing. When he vents his anger, he is told to leave early and take the weekend to think about his future. He retreats to his sister’s lakeside home where he must come to terms with his moment of truth.

How will Marcus find his way out of this potentially disastrous situation? What lessons will he learn, and from whom will he learn them? Follow Marcus through this journey of reflective learning.

Use the discussion questions at the end of the story for self-study, group discussion, and book clubs.


Discover the power of “crossroads moments” to point you in INPowering directions

Listen to Chapter 1 – “Getaway”

read by Garland McWatters